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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Another fine weekend-

Busy, as always, with school work. But taking time to have some fun too. Last night we had burgers and beer at the Shooting Star Saloon, a landmark here in the Wasatch Front. That was after a nice drive to see the leaf colors and a trip to Powder Mountain to see the progress on the fancy new high-speed quad lift being installed at Hidden Lake. Its going to be a dandy lift this winter!

In a few minutes, we are leaving to see the Barnum & Bailey circus in Salt Lake. We haven't been to a circus in years and the BSU said she would like to see it, so off we go!

I'm a pretty big fan of my adopted home town of Ogden, (you may have guessed that already) and this week I discovered a real prize at one of our local thrift stores. Its a hat... That's right, I bought a hat, for $1 with the "In 30 Zone" logo embroidered on the back. On the front is another embroidered picture proclaiming "Ogden Utah, Its All Within Reach." This is an effort from our current mayor but I can't find a picture of the embroidery right now. Anyway, I got a nice olive hat that proclaims my pride in Ogden for just a buck. Its a nice addition to mycollection of hats I wear every day.

Now its time to head for the circus!

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